The first step to producing a video is to meet with us and come up with a
broad outline of what you would like to see in your video. Our company will take it from there, making sure that you are kept in the loop through the whole creative process, including:
Before shooting begins, a blueprint or storyboard is essential. Even if you're going for an unscripted documentary-style video, you'll still need at least a general plan
Script Writing:
We will produce a script designed for video that clearly conveys your message and captures the essense of your company's brand
Will your video star your own employees or will you hire professional actors? Each approach has its pros and cons and TETRISVIDEO will help you make that decision
TETRISVIDEO will coordinate details like shooting locations, budgets, schedules, and crew
And of course, the most important part - the production of the video itself! TETRISVIDEO and our production company will schedule, direct, and manage the entire production process. From arranging the sets to keeping the actors on schedule to the final wrap, every detail will be professionally executed so that you don't have to worry about a thing
Post-Production Video Editing:
After filming is complete, the footage needs to be transformed into a finished video. Besides basic video editing, post production is when extras like voice-overs, animation, and graphics are added. We will collaborate with you every step of the way so that you know exactly what will go into the final product
Distribution and Media Placement:
It's not enough to simply create a video; you need to make sure it's seen! We'll help you decide on placement and distribution methods and also take care of search engine optimization to ensure that your video will be distributed as widely as possible
Contact us today and find out exactly how we can use video to maximize your online presence.
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